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About Lillian

Lillian is a well-rounded Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer with over 10 years of experience. She opened Maldonado Consulting Consulting Services in 2015 and has since been growing and working in helping new business start-ups and established small businesses.  


My purpose is to be a great service of initiative in making sure the client benefits from having the back office support to make sure their businesses run smoothly so they may concentrate on their craft.  Maldonado Consulting also offers Life Coaching services to further your growth.

"the stronger the why, the easier the how becomes."

My Mission & Vision 

My Mission is to enhance the understanding of record keeping and taxes. To provide my clients with understanding and assurance so they are confident in growing their business. We guide and educate so you are able to make the best decisions.     


My Vision is to one day encompass my earnings from the assortment of brands to open a Domestic Violence Shelter in support of all those who have suffered adversity. To give from the heart so others may have the opportunity of a better and safe life.

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