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Achievement. Tenacity. Courage

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Who We Are

Ajusta Tu Corona is a gentle empowering program created for survivors of adversity, who are ready to get their life back and make it better than ever. ATC gives by assisting survivors find freedom from their past.  

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Exceptional Me Jewelry 

We are more than a pretty necklace or bracelet... When you wear our jewelry you are wearing a reminder of your beauty, grace, power, and value. We want you to feel empowered and beautiful every time you wear one of our pieces. 

Shop Earrings & Bracelets

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Reclaim Your Power &
Design Your Dreams

Adjust Your Crown is a safe haven which offers events and online platforms where tools are provided to fully love your life.  Where you will seek and honor your authentic self by accepting your past, reclaiming your powers and designing your dreams by taking action and thriving one step at a time.

Real Women, Real Stories


"I am so happy I found this platform through my cousin. I love the way that this platform was made to pour into the lives of women that have had or are currently going through many challenges in their lives. It gives them hope, life, resources and tools they can use to move forward in their lives.  


It also helps to connect women that have not had those similar challenges build a bridge to start to understand what other women are going through and why.  


It is a no-nonsense, real talk, loving but powerful platform where they don’t hold back and speak about real issues and solutions. There’s a lot of heart here!  


I have subscribed to this channel, platform, and mission! I am super humbled by the work that’s being done with Ajusta tu corona and I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to be creating in the future!" 

-Neena Perez 

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