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Her Badass Story 2: Stories of Courageous Women Who Unapologetically Became the Badasses in Their Own Lives.


Are you the best version of yourself? …If not, don’t worry, this book will transform your life.  Ever wondered why some women seem to have it all—an amazing family, fabulous fitness, an epic house, a superb job and most important, just a really happy and content life?


Spoiler: You can have all of that too! You are Beautiful, Amazing, Determined, Authentic, Successful, and Smart…You are BADASS!


Her Badass Story 2 is the second anthology book of the internationally best-selling series. This book is a poignant collection of trauma to triumphant stories of awesome women who have transformed into their ultimate selves. Each chapter delves into their extraordinary minds and tells of how each excelled in their particular predicaments. Followed by the key learning points, powerful exercises you can learn from and apply in your own day-to-day life… To become a badass in your own right. 

Reach for Her Badass Story 2 now and evolve into the brand new you, the one you have always deserved to be.

Chapter 1: Unfolded Wings By Margarita de Margarita
Chapter 2: Sad Girls By Robin Standish
Chapter 3: A Miraculous Story of Surrender to My Divine Soul’s Purpose By Sylvia Worsham
Chapter 4: Becoming Athena: Releasing My Inner Goddess By Liane Monaco
Chapter 5: A Strong Woman A Broken Girl By Lillian Maldonado
Chapter 6: Who I Am! By Milagros Medina
Chapter 7: A Birth Story: From Darkness to Light, Fear to Joy, and Everything in Between By Rachel Kaufman
Chapter 8: The Crow Knew By Pamela Burditt
Chapter 9: Embracing My Inner Guerrera By Raven Rhonda Neuhaus
Chapter 10: A Part of One Life By Gail Marie Hornaday
Chapter 11: Pain to Purpose By Debbie Dowling Wahba
Chapter 12: Peace Interrupted By Dr. Lori Monaco
Chapter 13: Your Badass Story

Her Badass Story - Autographed Copy

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